Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Hour from 7am to MIDNIGHT


 Colin please look at rule 90. Ps the Box is a must here.

 Bubble Princess. This is how LIly ROLES in a tuk tuk in the rain. :) 

Even Monks Need Tuk Tuks. *Video footage of crazy traffic driving on Frizz Control

So far Ive been going to lots of school, eating fried rice and noodles ONLY, and drinking with my new friends at the Language Corps villa. I just taught them what It means to PUSSY Poppin is. 
According to Urban DIC its: The Art of thrusting your pelvic region in and out in order to ensure an item is worthy of your awesomeness......
C: Hey Puss! I like your new dress, Can you pop that pussy in it?"

Or please refer to this song to get your hips gyrating. - SQUEEZE IT by three 6 Mafia!

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